Information for patients



In our clinic can register every patient who reaches the age of 15 years and works or resides in New Jicin. Performing the registration nurse in the surgery.
Bring along your current medical records or the address of the device from which the documentation will be requested, insurance identification card and identity card.

Before you come into the office

On arrival please have health insurance identification card and sign in at the reception. Observe discrete zone.

Please report changes in personal data (such as change of address, insurance companies, employers, etc.) at the front desk of our office. Also report the change of cell phone numbers.
In our office we offer a phone order:

In our office we offer a phone order:

How to order?

  •  By phone at 556 794 170.
  •  Personally at the reception.

In the case of the patient stabilized it is possible to apply for long-term prescribing of medications for themselves or family members. Please have identification number, name and strength of the drug and dosage information. Please report this to the reception.


Instructions for abstraction

  • Afternoon and evening prior to collection skip fatty foods.
  • If the specific tests do not provide samples are carried out principally on an empty stomach.
  • In case of allergy to disinfectants or a particular type of patch tell this fact prior to collection.
  • If you in the event of blood collection is sick, please let this well prior to sampling. Prevent possible complications (fainting, etc.). Blood sampling in these cases can be carried out lying down.
  • After collection can eat and especially in diabetic patients is appropriate to have a meal with them and be able to keep habitual daily routine


  • Acupuncture treatment is not covered by health insurance.
  • Registered patients are treated free of charge, the only reg fee (unregistered pay 100 CZK).
  • Unregistered patient is admitted to this treatment only after proper examination and recommendation of the treating physician.

Offer vaccination programs

Flu-significantly reduces morbidity, immunizations to X per year, always in the fall vaccine. The price of the vaccine is around 250 CZK.

Hepatitis A - for workers at risk of infection, working in risk areas prior to trips abroad, etc.
Vaccinated with 3 doses at any time. The price of the vaccine for 3D dose is approximately 3500 CZK.

Hepatitis B - transmission of blood borne and sexually transmitted disease. Vaccinated with 3 doses at any time. Price for 3 doses is about 2 400 CZK.

Combined vaccine type A and B - vaccinated with 3 doses at any time. Price 3 doses is approximately 4 800 CZK.

Tick-borne encephalitis - vaccinated with 3 doses.

Vaccination against tetanus - year vaccine in the office, always available and fully covered by health insurance. Booster needed after 10 years. Within 15 years after the last vaccination, a single dose. At intervals longer than 15 years, 3 booster doses (first dose at -10 weeks, a second dose 6-10 months for the third dose)..