Dear clients,
just browsing through the homepage of our medical facilities and doctors house, which is in operation from 1.1.2008. The device originated succession of general practitioners for adults, MUDr Vladimíra Maňáska 
and  put a few goals:

1.  Improving the quality and availability of medical care of first contact.
2.  Free up capacity for new patients.
3.  Facilitating the training of new young practitioners for Nový Jičín and surroundings.


The basic device operations are curative and preventive care for adult patients.


  • MUDr. Vladimír Maňásek - guaranteeing a doctor for adults.

Registered nurses

  • Lenka Bolomová – head nurse
  • Martina Trávničková
  • Blažena Vránovová


  • Vendula Kochová

Diagnosis, treatment, preventive care,
corporate preventive care

  • Respiratory, urinary, digestive, cardiogenic and other internal diseases.
  • Laboratory diagnostics - blood tests, urine tests, swabs from the throat and nose on the cultivation, stool examination for occult blood and parasites.
  • Preoperative examination including ECG.
  • Diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases - Lyme, chlamydia, hepatitis.
  • Counseling nutrition in metabolic diseases, education and technical assistance.
  • Painful syndromes, especially in your spine and joints - training suitable rehabilitation according to written instructions.
  • Preventive programs - recommendations and mammografické densitometrické examination ..
  • Preventive inspections of registered patients.
  • Dressings minor wounds, leg ulcers, extraction stitches after surgery, etc.
  • Supportive psychotherapeutic help for chronic diseases ..
  • Vaccination against tetanus, influenza, tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis and other infections ..
  • Working with specialists from other fields of medicine, a direct link to the aftercare.
  • Administrative tasks: filling out forms for spa care, office work, Social Security Administration, screening and confirmation for obtaining a driving license and gun license, medical certificates, statements of work incapacity, forklifts, professional licenses, etc..
  • Visiting service during office hours in acute cases, chronic cases according to schedule.
  • Akupunktura
  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Home care
  • Controlled and supervised detoxification by MUDr.Jonáše
  • Examination of self-funded.

Company preventative care contracting organization:

  • Inspections department.
  • Staff training in first aid.
  • Input and preventive examinations of employees.
  • At-risk workplaces examination and determination of measures against occupational diseases and work accidents.
  • Early diagnosis of hidden diseases among employees in terms of prevention.